Changing front minimal beam HID Xenon bulb on Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2007

Hope you uncover the video practical a whole lot of the things is repetitive but I and a lot of will like to see issues done various moments and from all angles just before I and them muster the bravery to start off yanking and twisting issues without having the worry of breaking them.

Vital Reminder DO NOT Contact the BULB with bare fingers you will induce it to burn out prematurely.

You may well discover that I was touching it with bare fingers at the beginning of the video BUT that was the old burned out bulb. Enjoy about with it and the casing (black washer) and the ballast so you can simply, easily set them again with each other the moment you set on the new bulb.

A practical hint is to keep in mind that the black washer goes on initial immediately on to the ballast then you set the bulb on top rated. If you set the bulb initial on to the ballast and then try out to set the washer it will never healthy. The moment you set the bulb on top rated the ballast keep in mind to thrust it down and transform it to securely adjust it. As you will discover I did not do that about moment 2:forty and I dropped it fortunately it was the old bulb (which I later on ran around while moving the motor vehicle to retrieve it, yikes! If it had been the new a single I would have started crying), mainly because I would dislike to be dropping and bagging a $a hundred bulb.

Very good Search, transform on your widespread feeling (lefty lossey, righty tighty) play it protected
disconnect the battery.

No Equipment Essential aside from a 10mm socket if you want to disconnect the battery.

Any questions come to feel free of charge to inquire!

Post time: Aug-11-2016