Cafe Racer Cree LED Headlight Ridiculous OverKill 12000 Lumen Motorcycle Transformer eighty five Shadow VT five hundred

4x 125w U5 Cree LED 12000Lm. they are related to the lower beam and the sequence begins when the lights flip on. everytime i go from large to lower beam it will go thru Significant, Minimal, & Strobe. some times the strobes wont all function at the exact same time. When the bike is turned off this would seem to reset the sequence. So i attempt not to perform with it when driving just depart it on. have not driven it at night time nonetheless so that will be one more video clip.

To get the four lights alongside one another you have to take away the light-weight itself to access the base mount and take away it. At this place you have to get all four base mounts to lock in location when screwed in. This will consider some time.

right here is the link wherever you can discover these lights vehicle_Truck_Areas_Accessories&hash=item58b90e5b58

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Post time: Jul-10-2016