8500 Lumen HID TORCH 85 watt VS Wicked Lasers TORCH 4100 Lumens

Ok i very own alot of flashlights..so I experienced to have the wicked lasers torch…which runs a Nickel Cadmium battery and a halogen bulb..and it can be awesome…….And also the L.E.D torches and NOW HID torches and flashlights…lol running lithium ion battery’s there truly is no problem with the hid’s or l.e.d. operate time and toss vs the halogen,l.e.d. and nicad the diffrence is charging time and kind of gentle and just one is 30 mins or so @ .09 the (wicked lasers nicad battery) the hid torch is all over 5-eight several hours entire cost…but operate time three-seven mins on the wicked torch that can burn off stuff more rapidly is extra of a novelty then hid is outrageously brilliant and the operate time is in upwards of a one hundred mins with a back up on the battery with three led lights for 20 several hours…..I really like my L.E.D. lights and halogen wicked torch but wow this HID is ridiculous brilliant….FOR the cash I would really like to see a L.E.D. gentle compare..the operate time of class but the relaxation….great luck.

Post time: Jun-19-2016