2014 Silverado LED FOG LIGHTS Amber Bulbs

altered out the Fog Light-weight Bulbs ( Bulbs Only )
all the housing is Initial from the Manufacturing facility !!!
went with AMBER colour because its Initial !!!
YOU can get them on E-BAY !!!
Heres the Connection for the AMBER ones http://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-Substantial-Electricity-7-5W-Amber-H16-5202-COB-LED-Bulbs-For-Automobile-Fog-Daytime-Lights-/271536320575?pt=Motors_Automobile_Truck_Sections_Accessories&hash=item3f38d3703f&vxp=mtr
For any other shades Just kind in ((( 2014 Silverado Fog Light-weight Bulb ))) & Coloration ???
White / Blue / Amber / Yellow / & heaps of other shades it depends on the Fashion !!!

Post time: Jul-30-2016