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GTR Lighting HID Conversion Kit : http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Tundra_HID_Foglights_p/tundra-hidfog.htm
GTR Lighting LED TW6 Foglight Bulbs: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Tundra_LED_Foglights_p/tundra-ledfog.htm
Eyesight X Substitute Halogen Foglight bulbs: http://www.headlightrevolution.com/Tundra_Halogen_Foglights_p/tundra-vxfog.htm

Toyota Tundra House owners, LED and HID Foglights!
1st of several videos of our Toyota Tundra series. 1st we clarify 4 distinctive methods for your fog lights and how to put in just about every 1. Then look at just about every bulb to the factory bulbs to present you what bulbs will function ideal for you.

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Post time: Aug-14-2016