2003 Saab nine-5 HID Xenon Headlight Complications

I have experienced the tilt light illuminated for the 3 decades I have owned this automobile. Replaced bulbs and the headlights appear to be aimed reasonably very well, but it really is also manufactured this unusual grinding/vibrating variety sounds proper just after the headlights hearth up. Sound will come from both sides. Left light experienced a black and yellow wire connector that was disconnected and was just lately plugged in. Not guaranteed what that just one is for, but has not gotten rid of the sounds or the light. Are any if these noises or troubles usual? Any other Saab house owners that can sheer their insight? Car or truck is heading by means of about one remaining bulb each individual yr and a fifty percent. I exchange them in pairs with the low-priced kinds off eBay. Contemplating replacing with frequent bulbs and a conversion package if that’s probable to hold from paying revenue on more bulbs. Fwiw, the remaining bulb was flickering in advance of failure. Appears to be to generally get started that way. Thanks!

Post time: Oct-01-2016