15W CREE LED Conversion Kit For Fog Lights or Daytime Running Lights

This web site characteristics the all new design HID “Equivalent” 15W High Energy CREE LED conversion package for fog lights or large beam daytime working light-weight update.

This 15W large electric power CREE LED is run by 15W XB-G CREE LED emitter which is considerably brighter than any traditional LED design, all many thanks to its a particular intended diffusion mirror in entrance of the LED bulb. It will reflect the light-weight instantly to the stock lamp’s reflector, then demonstrates out for the maximized output and effectiveness.

Also because of this diffusion mirror, it will have a considerably much better beam pattern with a minimize-off line glance comparing with most traditional LED bulbs.

Be sure to examine out: http://keep.ijdmtoy.com/-p/15w-cree-fog.htm

Post time: Jun-23-2016