10000k Xenon HID review to HID flashlight

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The Xenon flashlight, which generate a shiny illumination underneath dim circumstances, is the ultime flashlight you can use. As opposed to a halogen bulb the Xenon flashlight provides a lot brighter gentle, prolonged lifestyle and saves electricity.

This flashlight has 2000 Lumens and is capable of illuminating targets away 1000m. It is ideal for military services, regulation enforcement, border patrol, maritime/coastline guard, detector, police, rescuers and other general public and non-public stability corporations.

Furthermore, it is also ideal for recreation routines these kinds of as tenting, searching, night fishing, outdoor sport, mountaineering, aviation and boating.

- 2000 Lumens
- Lithium Battery (12V, 2200 mAh)
- 1 hour burning time
- The flashlights ”bulb” has a life span of 3000 burning several hours
- A carloader and a 230Volts loader
- The glass is designed further resistant
- Schockproof
- The battery incorporates a build-in search gentle
- Wheatherproof, sealed off with rubber O-rings

The flashlight is sent with suitcase, wristband, Lithium battery, vehicle loader and a 110-230V loader.

Post time: Jul-05-2016