A233 H13 car led headlight

A233 H13 car led headlight


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1. All in one design,plug and play
2. 33W 3000LM,3 times brighter than halogen bulb
3. IP67 Waterproof
4. 50000 hours lifespan,100 times longer than halogen bulb,10 times longer than HID
5. Stable quality,1% defective rate
6. Perfect heat dissipation with Dual cooling system:Air flux cooling system and fan cooling system
7. Perfect light beam pattern

Power 33W
Input Voltage DC 9-16V
Working Voltage DC12V
Special light Import custom COB light source(light efficiency reach 130lm/W)
Flux 3000Lumen
Viewing Angle 1 sides emitting, light focus, sperately high low beam
Heat dissipation integration of aluminum radiator and high speed mute fan
Lifespan 50000hours
Applicable type suitable for all car
Box size 16*12.5*7.5 CM
Carton Size 49*36*29 CM 24sets/Carton
  • Crystal clear 6000K white light 40W With 8,000Lm (4,000Lm per bulb), Over 30,000 hrs of brilliant continuous light.
  • 2 pairs light cover, standered with 6000k, free gift with yellow, can change as your wish. LED lighting without dark spots!
  • Improved MHC heat control with RedLine driver and TurboCool fan to ensures your bulbs last longer than your car!
  • Works underwater! Rainproof driver, housing, and fan works even in extreme situations
  • Easy Installation, Can be installed in 15 mins right out of the box!
  • Item describle:1. H4/9004/9007/h13, with high low function, When Low Beam using,2pcs led working,30w/2800lm each bulb,
    when High Beam using, 4 pcs LED working together, 40W/4000lm each bulb.
    2. H7/h11/9005/9006/5202, Single beam with 4 sides LED, when working, 40w/4000lm each bulb.
    3. H1/H3/880/881, Single beam, with smaller LED tube, only with 2 sides LED, when working, 30W/3000lm each bulb.

    All the Socket Available : H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, H13, 9004, 9005,9006,9007, 5202, 880/881


    Product: 33w 6000lm Car Cree LED Headlight Kit Lamp H/L All In One
    Power input: 12V-24V vehicles
    Input(A): H:2.7A
    L: 2.0A
    Lumen: H: 4000lm
    L: 2800lm
    Beam angle:360
    Material: Aluminum
    Color: Xenon White 6000K-6500K
    Power: 40W,each bulb 40w
    Lumens: 4000Lm/per bulb, Real output 4000lm,8000Lm/per kit
    The LED electric wire length: 238mm/9.34inch
    Lifespan: > 30,000 Hours
    Built in IC Circuit (Current Regulator)-Prevents LED Damage from Voltage Variations & Spikes
    80% Less Power Consumption


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